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"Beautiful Sole" soft sole shoes are made with a colorful feather design with a soft polka-a-dot design on the heels.  100% cotton fabric is used with vegan friendly sherpa fabric lining and completed with baby soft gray vegan friendly suede fabric that covers the bottom of the shoes.



  • Keeps toes warm
  • Custom fit as elastic can be adjusted, which helps keep the socks on
  • Soft soles allow room to move and grow
  • Vegan friendly 
  • Made in the USA



Measure baby’s foot heel to tip of the big toe.

0-6 Months 4" 3.5-3.75" foot or smaller
6-12 Months 4.5" 4-4.25" foot or smaller
12-18 Months 5" 4.5-4.75" foot or smaller


For best fit measure baby's foot, but if you match what clothing size they are in, they most likely they will fit.

Soft sole shoes (those without non-slip) are intended for pre-walking babies. 

"Beautiful Sole" Kats Socks

  • Wash shoes in gentle cycle, cold water and air dry.  Elastic can be adjusted for a custom fit for your baby.