Run Sweat Recover - 7 day bag

Not going to lie to you, we got these for ourselves! But we loved them so much, we had to share them with you. These Run Sweat Recover essential oil towelettes are made using 100% biodegradable, compostable and sustainable plant fibers. They are combined with organic spearmint, tea tree and other 100% pure premium steam distilled essential oils to give you an instant refresh. Organic spearmint + organic tea tree both have antibacterial properties so these towelettes are great to use post sweat and especially when you can't immediately hit the showers.

Use on face + body to cool and soothe your mind + body.



7 - individually wrapped towelettes in a resealable zip bag


keynotes: organic spearmint + organic tea tree


benefits: cooling, stimulating, refreshing, antibacterial, invigorating, purifying


use: face + body + hands // at the gym or any sweaty adventure, after your peloton sesh, on long flights or road trips, at the pool or beach


cruelty free + vegan

Run Sweat Recover - 7 day bag