Tobacco Pouch

Tobacco/pipe pouch to hold what is needed to have a holiday smoke with some friends.
This simple design allows you to easily find what you need. The pouch pocket with a gusset allows the pocket to expand when needed. The flap closure with leather cording allows easy access and flexibility in size.
Just wrap cord around and tuck under to secure.

Not a pipe smoker? No worries! This handsome pouch can double as a phone accessory holder for traveling, a tool holder for the car or an every-day carry pouch. Load it up with all of your favorites, gum, charger, extra cash, pens or pencils. Truly a unique and versatile product. 


*Tobacco pipe not included in purchase, shown for example only.


Tobacco Pouch

$23.99 Regular Price
$12.00Sale Price
  • Machine Washable

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